Summer Slam Schedule – This Weekend!

BasketballSummerSlamWe are scheduled to play two games Saturday afternoon, and another two games Sunday afternoon.

Saturday’s games are at 1:20 and 4:35.  Both are at Auburn Riverside High School, 501 Oravetz Rd SE in AR3.  I am assuming that AR3 means Auburn Riverside gymnasium #3.

If you want more details, click this link to the official schedule.  You can find Yelm Nets in column 3 of the first page.  The sixth grade teams are listed in green.

It appears that the sixth grade teams are divided into White and Black divisions.  Yelm Nets are in the White division, which has two pools:  E and F.  We are in Pool F along with Athelite U12 Premier (who we play at 1:20 on Saturday) and Kent Elite (who we play at 4:35 on Saturday).

Sunday’s games are at 1:20 and 3:30.  Both games are at Auburn High School, 800 – 4th St NE.  Which gym we play in depends on how we do on Saturday, but the time and location are set.




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